CHANGELOG: Feb 9 / Guests (free read-only users), Code syntax highlights, 15 fixed bugs

:cheese: Guests (free read-only users)

Guests are no longer experimental and you can safely use them. Just invite a new user and select Guest option. Guests are free, but they only can see things and do nothing else.

You can also change existing user to Guest. Navigate to user and change the user role:

:nail_care: Code syntax highlights

Code block in rich edit field got some love, now you can select language to highlight the syntax. Many bugs were fixed as well here.

Here is a useful case to show API changes using Diff formatting:

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Viewers and Contributors can no longer edit a Whiteboard
  • Do not use “New Database” and “New Space” when creating new Space or Database (replaced with “Database [N]” and “Untitled Space”)
  • You can now insert checklists into comments

:shrimp: 15 Fixed bugs

  • Connect / sync button looks like active (not disabled) in all integrations if none settings are filled in
  • Auto-links: Linking does not work for one-to-one if some entity is matched twice
  • Code block: broken giant tabs
  • Read-only users are able to delete or unlink context docs & whiteboards
  • Some documents unexpectedly get switched to read-only mode even for Admins
  • Whiteboard: Keyboard shortcuts work buggy on different language layouts
  • Whiteboard: Wrong arrow direction on Whiteboard if there is no any relation between entities
  • Rich edit: Cursor jumps to the beginning of a document after deleting [[ by backspace
  • Rich edit: Mentioning something or someone after a video deletes the video and shows obj in some case
  • Rich edit: It’s impossible to copy-paste table in rich-editor
  • Rich edit: Mentioning an entity replaces new line (Shift+Enter) with [obj] on Windows
  • Rich edit: Mentioning something after an image deletes the image and shows obj
  • Rich edit: Fix mentions alignment in inline comments
  • Rich edit: Unable to scroll down to access “/” menu
  • Rich edit: Image get deleted if I try to add some component behind it using “/” hotkey

Nice to see the fixes to Rich Edit, etc. Bug fixing passes! :muscle:

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