CHANGELOG: Feb 2 / Guestssss (experimental), Feed View, Bitbucket integration, many fixed bugs

:cheese: Guests (free read-only users) #experimental

You can cautiously try Guests. These are free users (no pay) that can only read things in Fibery and do nothing more. You can add them into groups and into Spaces as usual users.

Enable Guests Users in Experimental Features menu and let us know if you spot a bug.

:wastebasket: Bitbucket integration

Now you can sync Bitbucket data into Fibery, link PR to Features, etc. Navigate to any Space and click Integrations to find Bitbucket integration.

Automations: Pass CurrentUser (author, who made the changes) for rules and buttons into script action, notifications and templates

Now you can use logged user properties in Automations.

args.currentUser in Script Action:

CurrentUser in Templates

<%= CurrentUser.Name + ` ` + CurrentUser.Email %>
<% const user = + ' ' + CurrentUser.Name; %>

Feed View

Feed View is released in public (and removed from Experimental Features). You may use Fibery for Daily check-ins, for example.

:snail: Performance Improvements

  • Audit log performance improved dramatically
  • Trash bin performance improved as well

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • Non-Creators should not see Workspace Map
  • Broken search for some queries
  • Color coding does not change on the board when d&d cards if it’s applied to single/multi selects used as a column
  • Selecting a date on the popup calendar highlights that date with a border and the day before in a solid color for some reason
  • Favorites that are in a SmartFolder are only displayed when the SmartFolder is opened
  • Rich edit: Moving the cursor to the beginning of the line causes the cursor to disappear.
  • Automations: should not allow “Add collection item” action for readonly collection fields
  • Timeline, Calendar: don’t hide just added entities if they do not match filter set
  • Formula validator sometimes reports broken formulas that use First/Last
  • Not informative error if use special characters in the multi-select or single select title
  • “SomeBoolField = false” formula does not return correct value if SomeBoolField is null
  • Name instead or URL gets copied if open entity from Space settings page
  • Feed view: error on creation entities in Rich editor
  • Entity creation throws “cannot create Entities without fibery/rank required fields” error sometimes
  • Full screen button on Script Editor and Canvas does not work in Safari
  • It’s impossible to change checkbox value from the first click in table view
  • Sometimes getting error when create new table in the folder
  • It’s impossible to select whole the text in the document if it starts from reference with avatar

Awesome update!! Really looking forward to exploring blocks and feeds!

I super-appreciate the focus on fixing bugs!! :smiley_cat:
plus the dubious honor of making it onto your “cortisol” list :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great update.

I still don’t like that feed views when multiple panels is enabled doesn’t have a higher contrast background like it has when multi-panel is disabled… it’ hard to distinguish between them

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