CHANGELOG: June 16, 2022 / Panels improvements & bug fixes

:sweat_smile: Panel navigation improvements

We got some super useful feedback about panel navigation and are making some improvements.

Panels always open on the right

One feature that annoyed people is that panel for references and other cases were opened on the left, and it was very distracting. In general you not always know whether a panel will be opened on the left or right, and this inconsistency made people mad. Now new panels will be opened always on the right side.


Select preserved text in search panel input

Another problem was with search keywords, they are not cleared when you open new search dialog. We preserved this behavior, but select search keywords now, so you can quickly delete them with a single key press.

Panels for mobile

Panels switch to a special 1-panel-always mode for mobile devices and very small screens (1024 and less).

Panels future :thinking:

  • We are thinking about a special 1-panel-always mode for small screens (and larger screens for people who don’t like panels).

  • We are thinking about better use of space on the right for collapsed panels (maybe do not accumulate panels on the right at all, maybe remove them when you navigate to some new entity in the left).

  • We got other requests, like drag and drop panels, pin panels, resize panels, but so far not sure whether we got for it.

:butterfly: Improvements

Automation rules execution time improved 10x

We’ve made some trivial changes and improved rules execution time from 10-30 seconds to 2-3 seconds.

:shrimp: 9 Fixed Bugs

  • Templates search works incorrectly
  • Install Template button does not change to Go to Space once you installed the template from preview popup
  • Avatars don’t display for mentioned users
  • Table view: No scroll acceleration in large tables
  • Table view: changes in time do not apply on moving focus out of date picker
  • References reloads every time user navigates in panels
  • Mentioning users shows incorrect order
  • Remove a comment for the converted entity (converted from xxx)
  • Esc closes panel instead of exiting a cell in Table View