CHANGELOG: May 19, 2022 / Search in panels, 11 fixed bugs

:hole::flashlight: Search in panels

Earlier this year we introduced multi-panel navigation. It encourages exploration by removing unnecessary context-switching — especially, when working with related Entities.

Today, we introduce a few search-related scenarios for a seamless and consistent workflow.

  1. Open a new panel on the left/right
    Ctrl+Shift+< and Ctrl+Shift+>
    When writing a feature spec, you realize you can borrow some ideas from another, not yet related feature. So you open them side-by-side and figure out which parts to reuse:


  1. Close all panels and open search
    You’ve just finished describing a huge project, your screen is full of panels, and you are ready to move on to the next task. So you close all the panels to open search and start a new “thinking session”:


  1. Open search in the current panel
    You are writing a long (and totally not boring) document on the right inspired by several sources on the left. You don’t ever come back to a source, so you reuse the same panel:


Navigation is what happens many times a day, so we’ve made sure to assign hotkeys for every action.

:shrimp: 11 Fixed Bugs

  • Text wrapping below the picture is broken in lists
  • Choose a DB page if try to open mentioned context view in some case
  • Error if try to open mentioned db-level context view as a panel in some case or duplicate it or open from ‘recents’ in search
  • Notification formatting is weird
  • Search engines should not index shared docs and entities
  • [Safari] It’s impossible to apply formatting to text via formatting panel
  • Formulas in Link/Unlink actions are not exported
  • Js error on creation folder in Smart folder and deleting then views there
  • Avatar doesn’t get changed for old notification if user upload new avatar
  • Automation rules and buttons are not shared in case they have actions for renamed later fields
  • ‘Unexpected view container type in view:undefined’ error on deleting view or folder with views in Smart Folder

Functionality is great.
Icons are hard.

The keyboard short cut makes sense.
However, most users will find the feature via the GUI.
The chevron is commonly used for
navigation forwards / backwards
When they user clicks the icon
It will do something different to what is expected
Perhaps the icon needs to tell the story of what will happen
A new panel with open on the side
Icons are hard.

p.s great progress, the above is meant in the most constructive of ways.

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