Change panel navigation settings more easily

Would love to have the navigation switch for one/multi panel easily accessible in the workspace (in the left menu for example)? In that way you can switch easily and then you will have best of both worlds IMO :grin:

Context :arrow_down:
I really like the multi panel navigation. But currently we’ve built the left menu in a doc to keep the workspace more clean and less overwhelming for our clients.

The linked views will also open in multi panel. That was far from ideal, and therefor we’ve changed to one panel navigation. Since we also had other entities where one panel was the best.

Would be awesome if we could switch more easily between one/multi panel. Since multi panel is a real game changer when you want to open Wiki / SOP / guidelines while working on a task.

Not quite what you are asking for, but there is already a hotkey for “Close other panels” –


I find it’s often necessary to first click on the panel I want to keep, before using the hotkey.

Thanks! For our clients we choose default for one panel. Since that’s the best solution in 90% of all cases currently. Then it’s a bummer if you need to close it everytime (with or without hotkey :smiling_face_with_tear:)