Cannot install Finance template

This is the error I get:

I wanted to create a space named Finance, which I wanted to base on another space called Project Management.

So I renamed the original project management space to Finance, created share as a template link, then before installing said finance template, renamed the existing space back to project management and installed via the link. All good so far.

However, now I want to install this Finance template instead, but get the error above.

I suppose even after renaming I have already a “Finance” space hardcoded somewhere in my workspace due to the sharing as a template with that name.

Btw, sharing a space as a template with the same name as an already existing Fibery-Template shows your shared space types and relations in the place where the Fibery-Template is:

Could anyone let me know whether I can install Fibery’s Finance template without deleting my project management database which I had shortly shared as “Finance”?

We seem to have a bug related to installing from shared templates. Will update when fixed.


Bug should now be squished :beetle: