New template - Finance πŸ’°

We’ve just released a new template designed to help you plan and monitor financial transactions.
Hope it is useful. Please let us know what you think.


Hi, could you please give a link for any tutorial to get familiarize with a new feature capabilities?

Hi, Andrei!
It’s not a new feature, but a template :slight_smile:
You can install it anytime

And inside there will be an explanatory document :hugs:

Hi, Polina. Could you tell me whether i need admin rights to install Finance template to get understand the possibilities?

Yes, only admins can install Templates

I was told that i have the opportunity to create my own Fibery. that 1 user account is free of charge. To check all possibilities of Finance module. Could you help me with it?)

In this case just register new account and install the template in it.