New template - Templating

We have a new template to share :smile:

This one is designed to show you how to auto-generate entities based on standard ‘template’ entities.
It demonstrates an example of how to ensure that a Project always starts with a default set of Tasks,
but the principles can be generalised to many other scenarios.
Let us know what you think of it, and feel free to share any use cases you have, so that other people can learn from your great ideas :bulb:


Thanks for this – it’s a very useful demo :+1:.

This is really great. Using the Smart Folders achieves something I was trying to achieve using list view and self referencing tasks in a much clearer and more elegant way

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hey @Chr1sG I’m about to set up a template for one of our own repeating projects, but it will only ever have one format which is 1 Course > 4 Units per course > 5 Lessons per unit. Also 10 Tasks Per course:

Do you think it would be overkill to try to adapt this template for this (since this template deals with multiple scenarios while I only need one)?

If you’re absolutely certain that things won’t change in the future, you could just use basic automations to set up your projects, i.e. an automation that runs when a course is created that has 4 actions, each one creating a new unit, and then an automation that runs when a unit is created that has 5 actions, each one creating a new lesson, plus an automation for creating the tasks for each course…
This will probably take you less time than setting up a more generic solution, so the only reason to use the generic version is if there’s a chance that things might change in the future.

Thanks Chris - that’s what I’ve gone for. The structure is certainly not likely to change any time soon!