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I would greatly appreciate any ideas about how to expand the “Templating” template beyond just creating a new description of task per project. My usecase is to adapt this to GxP so that it becomes a template for production based on a master template. To keep things simple, I will put the use case in terms of the current template (eg category - project - tasks).

Unless I have misunderstood the current implementation of the Templating app, it only seems to replicate the description category of the task per project when a new project is created?

Say that you had a usecase that you also need to capture default assets per project. Assume also that it is critical to capture the defaults at the category level for regulatory purposes and not just adapt each project to include the assets used. What then would be the best way to implement a “Master” category that captures not just the task templates but also other aspects eg default assets and processes linked to other spaces within Fibery)?

For instance, say you wanted to create a Master Landing Page category template that included not just the tasks, but also

  1. Assets used in the project with default assets specified in the master category for Landing Page category and also linked to a different Fibery asset database eg linking to Assets database which includes assets: Sticky notes, Figma, crayons etc etc each of which could be overwritten per project if you did not have the assets available.
  2. SOP linked to an external Fibery database eg branding guidelines - url link, ability to override default, plus a checkbox per project template that these SOPs have been met.

Would this be best done with an automation at the project level eg AssetsPerProject, linking to a field in the “master” category level eg DefaultAssets, which then refers to an external database eg Assets? There must be a simpler way, but this was the only way I have really thought of and it still is not executing perfectly…

If anyone has expanded templates beyond task descriptions, I would love to hear. Thanks!

Based on how I understand your description, I think you need to develop/enhance the automations related to creating a Project from a Category.
In the current template, the Tasks are ‘cloned’ from the Task Templates, but the Project is also ‘cloned’ from the Category.
The current template behaviour copies the text from the Category, but you could just as well copy other things (relations, references etc.) from within this automation, to cover things like assets, notes, checklists, urls, etc.

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Here’s another Fibery entity-templating pattern:

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@Chr1sG @Matt_Blais Many thanks to you both: :sparkling_heart: It’s working. Kind of neat! :grin: