Cannot add user to multiple access templates of the same database

I have a team database ‘Team’ with a custom access template (CAT) ‘Team Page Editors’, and a second CAT ‘Team Project Editors’.

However, I’m unable to add the same person to both CATs of the same Team entity.
That while having multiple responsibilities in a project team is a common scenario.

What are my options? Create a Team Role database? This adds organizational complexity. Or will this in the future be possible?

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On top of that, the new release apparently added a cap today?
The long permission tree was actually a workaround for the inability for users to be assigned to mutliple access temlates of the same entity.


The cap has always been there. Nothing was changed in this regard

Ah, I see. But how are relations counted in the tree, is one database present at multiple locations in the same template counted as one relation? Because some of my templates trees have more than 25 rows.

It’s the count of ‘relations’ which is effectively the number of rows.