Auto Assigning Tasks Created by Templating

I am trying to figure out how to automatically assign users to created template tasks by matching the template’s user roles to the task’s project’s assignee’s roles. Below is my sequence.

  1. Project created and assigned to a “Type”
  2. This triggers many standard tasks to be created based on templating
  3. People are assigned to the project
  4. I want this to trigger that person being auto-assigned to all of their relevant project tasks that were created in step 2 (Ideally, people have one Role (e.g. Project Manager) but the task templates have many Roles. But I can’t figure out how to make it work.)

My current workaround is just having a single Role for each Template. Then using the following lookup on the created task: Project.Assignees.Filter([User Role].Name = [This Tasks].[Task Templates].[User Role].Name). WIth an automation to assign the task to whoever the lookup pulls up.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can match the Template’s many user roles to the created Task’s project assignees?

I do something similar to this with my Projects/Tasks/Users:

  • A Task/Template is associated with a Project
  • A Project has a collection of Users
  • A User has a “Default Role”
  • A Task/Template has a “Default Role”

When a Task is assigned to a Project, it finds the Project’s User which matching the Task’s Role, and makes the assignment.

LMK if that’s not clear…

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Thanks! I was originally hoping to get multiple role types per Task/Template but I’m thinking that it is not possible. I’ve implemented the default role per template and everything is working great.

Were you going to assign multiple Users to a Task, based on their Role Types?

That probably would require some javascript, but shouldn’t be too hard.