Accountability / Org Chart

We use the EOS process in our business. I am setting up our Fibery account and want to create a view that shows our accountability chart, in top down heirarchy form, showing information on;

The seats in our organisation
The roles of each seat (in the description field)
The reporting to and direct report lines for each seat
Which employee is in each seat, with a picture of them

I have setup seats and employees databases and linked them, but the best accountability chart i can create is very limited. I used the entity tree in whiteboards.

Anyone know how to create something better?

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Unfortunately now is only way is to put one-by-one entities of type Seats on the Whiteboard. Then select one of them and add necessary fields to show (like a Employee).
We are working on ability to add multiply entities at once. So it will be easier to create Org Charts.