"Writer Mode" Pop-Out in Comments, too?

Hi again,

Would you guys consider adding the ability to “pop-out” the comments box when you are writing in it, the way you can in Rich Text boxes?

This is an extremely useful, unique feature you have. And my team extensively uses Comments, particularly since you can freely #mention other Entities in Fibery. That does lead to longer strings of text - which I’m very glad about because you get amazing context you can’t get in other competing services. But this makes the Comments at times a bit Mal-formed due to the length of the Related mentions. So if you could pop them out this way, it would be another nice Quality-of-Life improvement!

Thanks for the consideration!

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Nice idea, added to the backlog :face_with_monocle:


Ok great thank you Polina, glad to hear you guys think this useful.

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