[CLOSED] Writer Mode - full screen from Rich Text box like in this Video?

Hey Guys,

I was looking at the video you posted @mdubakov

showing what looked like clicking the icon that I’m showing in this image below, is it called “open as View”

That looked like a great feature for me, here’s my use:

I have been using the Rich Text field extensively to create entity Types that I use to create documents - meeting notes, tech specs, internal memos. I use tables extensively inside my docs, so the I have used the table feature extensively. This ‘Open as View” feature gives me the largest canvas to type on I can find in Fibery. When I use just the Document to write, I can only get about 1/2 of the page, on the left side, to render a table. In fact I can’t really get anything on the right side the current way this is set up.

So if I could kind of get a “full screen” effect clicking on the “Open as View” icon as you show in the video, that would be terrific.

And on a related note, I cannot easily get back from the “Open as View” mode to regular details view. I have to click around though various apps and open them to get the “Open as view” large details off the screen. Is this something that will be improved?

Thanks guys!