Workaround to trigger AI prompt?


  • When you save a lot of AI commands, the list can be quite long.
  • It’s currently not easy to change commands.
  • My commands are quite long.

So I’m thinking of the following.

What if I make a AI prompt database where I include the prompt.

Then if a user links the AI prompt to an entity, trigger an automation and put the output in the AI output field of the entity.

So for my use case

  • Content item = LinkedIn post
  • AI prompt template = rewrite LinkedIn post to a Instagram post
  • Desired outcome: place AI output in the AI output field


I’ve made quite a large prompt and I’ve included “{{Content.Omschrijving}}” in that prompt.

With this automation I was hoping to insert the {{Content.Omschrijving}} into the AI prompt. So that the automation can place the ‘AI output’ in the ‘AI ouput field’

The automation is working; but the {{Content.Omschrijving}} is not inserted in the AI prompt. Therefor the reponse is

It’s not working and I can understand why it’s not working but can’t solve it without ChrisGPT or somebody else :smiling_face_with_tear:

Maybe it’s not possible at all. But I thought: let’s give it a try :slight_smile:

Have you tried the following in the automation action markdown box:

[ai temperature=0.5 maxTokens=4000]
{{AI prompt.Omschrijving}}

coupled with removing the


lines from the AI prompt’s rich text field?

I just did, but it seems that the AI prompt now is ignored and only the Content.Omschrijving field is processed.

  • I’ve created a prompt to write a summary (since that’s a more simple way for testing)
  • The AI output seems to ignore the prompt (‘write summary’). Instead it answers the question that was part of the content (“Tell me: what is your favorite productive procrastination?”)

As an AI language model, I do not procrastinate, but I can imagine that writing down tasks and attending training sessions can be helpful. Another useful activity might be meditating or taking a walk to refresh and relax the mind before starting difficult tasks. It is important to remember that sometimes procrastination is inevitable and that it is okay to give yourself some space to recharge before moving forward.

When I start with {{Omschrijving}} and end with {{AI prompt.Omschrijving}} i get the same result. Also tested with Input vs. {{input}}.

@ChrisG If you want, you can try it yourself in this database. You can use the ‘Test content for AI prompt’ to test the prompt.

The automation is in ‘Content’ database.