Unable to interact with ai assistant

I’d like to create a custom ai command, based on the copy editor. I’d like to have some interaction with the ai before she generates the revised text. The prompt I have in mind is:

Act as a copy editor. Go through the text in triple quotes below. Edit it for spelling mistakes, grammar issues, punctuation, and generally for readability and flow.
Use first-person perspective; this is a particular situation I encountered and it should not be generalised unless backed by evidence. The text should clearly reflect what I have learned. 


Before returning the edited text, ask me some clarifying questions. 

Ask for permission before writing the final text.

When writing the text, return only the edited text. Do not wrap your response in quotes.

When I use this prompt, AI comes with good questions. However, i cannot respond, because the prompt textbox is disabled:


I learned that it is only disabled while creating the prompt. After I save the custom prompt and run it again, the prompt window and button are enabled and I can interact using the prompt window.