[DONE] Add {{input}} into "Ask anything" option only when some text is selected

@mdubakov some extra feedback while actually working with AI chat.

I often ‘just have a question’. So when I’m writing a question pops up in my mind. Like “what are the reasons that somebody doesn’t want to work with Calendly?”

It’s awesome that I can ask that question directly in Fibery since it saves me a lot of time. Only problem is that the prompt always includes “{{input}}”

Because of that, I can only ask non-context related questions when I’m at the top of my document.

Is it an idea when you use the ‘Ask anything (AI chat)’ that you only include input if the user selected text as input?

In that way you can also have a ‘random chat’ when you have a question. Which will save you a lot of time :smile:

For commands it’s really helpful that all text above is automatically ‘input’.

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This is a good idea, we will do it


@mdubakov awesome :slight_smile:

While working I also discover that ‘input templates’ for prompts are also really helpful. Made a seperate topic for that: Rich text templates for AI prompts, Wiki and other documents

Implemented in latest release


Great :grin: :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: