Why is `entity['Name']` get `null`?

Script 1

const fibery = context.getService('fibery');
for (const entity of args.currentEntities) {
    const name = entity['Name'];
    const creationDate = entity['Creation Date'];

    console.log("Name: ", name);
    console.log("Creation Date: ", creationDate)


    'Created By': { Name: 'ganuongphap', Id: '7b4f2510-dc1f-4b19-b6ff-a790b4ff3565' },
    'Public Id': '23',
    Id: '5bd925d0-1980-11ee-ad19-ab4956e8c55f',
    'Creation Date': '2023-07-03T09:02:51.087Z',
    Test: null,
    'Modification Date': '2023-07-03T09:02:51.087Z',
    Rank: 7712584211451303,
    Name: null,
    Type: 'Customer Feedback/Conversation'

Name:  null

Creation Date:  2023-07-03T08:43:03.526Z

Script 2

I try using this script to get all field values for an entity, name is still null:

const fibery = context.getService('fibery');
// get entire schema
const schema = await fibery.getSchema();
// get specific database (type) name
const typeName = args.currentEntities[0].type;
// filter the schema for the specific type and get all field names
const fields = schema['typeObjects'].filter((obj) => obj.name == typeName)[0]['fieldObjects'].map((field) => field.name);
// get all entities with all fields
const entitiesWithAllFields = await fibery.getEntitiesByIds(typeName, args.currentEntities.map((entity) => entity.id), fields);
// send result to the browser console


    'Customer Feedback/name': null,
    'fibery/modification-date': '2023-07-03T09:01:55.934Z',
    'Collaboration~Documents/References': [],
    'fibery/id': '3afa8930-1980-11ee-ad19-ab4956e8c55f',
    Id: '3afa8930-1980-11ee-ad19-ab4956e8c55f',
    'fibery/created-by': { Name: 'ganuongphap', Id: '7b4f2510-dc1f-4b19-b6ff-a790b4ff3565' },
    'fibery/creation-date': '2023-07-03T09:01:55.934Z',
    'Customer Feedback/Test': null,
    'fibery/public-id': '22',
    'fibery/rank': 7712584210451303

Any idea why is that? I expect it to return TEST NAME here. I want to do some automation based on the value of the field here.

How are you running these scripts?

I save the script, add a new entry, then check the activity tab of the script. Does that answer the question?

I make Duplicate name field with formula Name. entity[‘Duplicate name’] still get null.

So the automation is being triggered on entity creation?
It sounds like when the entity is being created, the name not yet defined, and then subsequently the name is being provided.

Can you confirm how you are creating a new entity.

Formulas are calculated asynchronously, so will typically not have a value at the time the entity is created.

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I change to updated and it’s good now

Note: you can actually use both triggers (created and updated) in the same automation if that’s appropriate.

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