What is the Upgrade plan of the Comments feature?

In our Fibery projects we stopped using the comments feature, because comments cannot be handled like entities in views. As alterantive, we use a separate database with the limitations of not having the thread view.

  • What is the current planning of upgrading comments to full entities?
  • Will this result in the Thread view to be upgraded to an entity view also?

Exploration of the future of ad hoc entity threads:

  1. Will it be easier to instead of upgrading and maintaining the comments system, to allow ANY entity to be included in a thread view, thus innovating how people chain entities and communicate with them?

  2. Am I correct that this idea is very in line with the main intended product value of Fibery, being insight through data relationships? Communication threads are also insight creating relationships chains, and this could give Fibery unique value over other similar tools.

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Nothing is planned in this regard

Yes! This would be absolutely amazing. I find myself resorting to comment fields just because it is so easy and fast add updates. But it lacks some functionality that I would get from doing it the “correct way” (Sorting by more recent comment, filtering entities which haven’t been commented on for over 2 weeks, etc)

Specifically referring to the thread view within an entity, not the stand alone thread view. This could be game changing in terms of user input. Potentially even allowing you to set other fields for your comments.