1 Idea for threads: Thread that pulls comments from multiple entities

So I’ve been using Fibery threads and they’re very nice. They could definitely take the place of slack because they can be so enmeshed in the workflow.

It would be great if you could attach a few entities to a thread, even if it were a manual process.

Here’s a use case. Recently we’ve gone through a big, unpleasant bookkeeping transition. There are around 5-8 important entities in multiple space and with different people. I would love to see:


… That had comments from each of those documents in one place. Of course that’s more challenging because it’s like separate threads within a thread, but that overall concept would be a godsend througout Fibery, for me.

While this does seem like an unusual way to make a “Channel” it also seems potentially quite powerful. I wonder if there is some version of this that would work intuitively and for enough uses to make it worth implementing. For example sort of Thread View that works like Smart Folders, e.g. setup rules that then include all Comments from those Entities. Within the view I suppose you’d want to have them represented as “sub-threads” for clarity… Anyway, an interesting idea.


I love this idea.

The idea indeed is interesting. Technically it can be done, but I’d like to explore use cases.
(Note that were are not focusing on Threads improvements in the next few months though). The value is not super clear so far…

There are around 5-8 important entities in multiple space and with different people.

You may Watch all these entities and receive notifications about all comments, so it is unclear how Thread View will be better.

If comments become entities, then creating views to aggregate and filter them across different meetings becomes very easy. I think that is the way to go.

In the meantime, a more complex solution can help to aggregate scattered discussions around a particular topic using the following setup:

The following working scripts are related:

In order to pull comments from multiple entities, it is not difficult to adapt the script to fetch all comments from all entities of a particular database and perform the same operations, like filtering for a tag or entity mention.

I may create such script in the future, but I rather see that the Fibery team makes comments entities that can be displayed and filtered in views just like any other entity, keeping the ‘threading’ functionality.

I actually suggest the following: that the Fibery team looks into a generic feature that allows ANY entity to be displayed in a thread view, not only comments.

How would such a view differ from the existing ‘feed view’?

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