What are good ways to create a slides presentation in Fibery to share with stakeholders?

I’m interested to know how users have created a slides presentation in Fibery that actually looks professional enough, and is easy to navigate, for sharing with stakeholders.
Or would you not do that in Fibery, but simply link to an external app?

It depends what your goal is and why you want have it in Fibery (maybe you want to combine it with reports?).

You can embed a Canva presentation in a document or entity in Fibery, that works well :smile:

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The only reason I can think of to do this in Fibery is if you want to include some kind of dynamic data (e.g. embed a table or chart), and unless your presentation needs to have those updated in real time with changing data, a screenshot would work just as well. Meanwhile a dedicated presentation tool has so many advantages for the purpose it is built for. What is the reason you’d want to make a presentation in Fibery?

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Embedding an external presentation would be the way to go, I guess. If you want to have real-time data, you could embed a shared Fibery report into the external application. :smiley: (iFrame-ception)