Can Fibery be use for academic notes or personal management?

New to Fibery, go through the basics and just want to seek for ideas and thoughts

Any advice and suggestions are appreciated, thanks. :smiley:

me too have simillar need , as google clasroom is free , the masive moviments of pertsonal teacher , professor wiki can have the great market potential even busines math all stufdent buse click up , thus mneed to faciliate weith huge market items too

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Hi, guys!
Telling the truth, Fibery was created as a collaborative workspace for growing teams, but we were please to see, that pretty big amount of users are using Fibery for personal production.
I am afraid, we don’t have best practices now for that, as were not digging deeply into that.

But, very soon (1-2 weeks) there is coming a feature, called ‘Sharing App as a template’ and we do really hope, that our users will share their experience :sparkles: