Create Presentations for Views

I’m heavily considering moving from Aha! to Fibery, primarily because I keep getting lost in the maze. From what I can tell about Fibery, the software seems to be designed like my mind works - which will help me get what’s in my mind and scattered across notes, files, Aha! and into a cohesive product strategy for my charitable client.

So far the biggest downside I can see from migrating from Aha! is their Presentations feature. Their presentation app integrated with auto-updates from various views is arguably one of the best and most helpful features in Aha. Once a view is corrected, Aha has a Presentations tool under their Roadmaps module that allows you to Add View and it autogenerates into a Powerpoint like deck that can be shared as a webpage LIKE THIS or exported to pdf or present. It’s an incredibly helpful feature for people who suffer with death by Powerpoint to communicate with not-so-technical people. because you can set the view to auto update in real time if changes are made in other apps within the system. Or you can set to manually update or screen shot. And it’s all automatic. It saves SO MUCH TIME rather than manually creating decks. The presentation formatting editor is a little clunky, but it does the job.

In Aha, I just click on the Add Aha View button and select which “page” you need within Presentations and viola! It’s inserted on the slide.

Pages can be selected from any of the apps Strategy (Goals & Initiatives), Roadmaps, Releases, Activities, and Ideas – and are customized by the view that is also customized. Can even pull from personas,


Aha views can be created from any of these apps and linked back to the presentation app. The only one that’s a little buggy (but vary useful to visualize alignment from strategy > initiative > feature is Diagrams because when Aha inserts it into the deck it’s very tiny and won’t size right.

And within each app type there are varied types of inserts I can make like

The other cool thing is that it has a bunch of really great templates by type that can be customized too.

So if I want a strategic roadmap view, I can select that template and then select which workspaces or product lines I want to include, then save the view. Then just add a new slide to the presentation with that Aha view

So this is a list view of features with status

And this is what the view looks like when added to the presentation with just a click of the button

For some types of views (like from the Strategy app) you have choices about what information you want to display.

For Strategic Model you can show the topline overview (business model canvas) or the details of a component of the model.

I really can’t emphasize enough the WOW factor here.

Thank you for the extensive description, it really helps to grasp the value!

We didn’t plan this feature, but it seems something similar will be possible when we will implement Blocks. In this case you will be able to include all required Views/Charts/Notes into a single Page and share this page with the external world. All Views will be updated automatically live.

The only missing piece here is slides. But we think there will be Full Screen for every block and Next/Prev navigation, so it will be possible to have it very close to presentation mode.