Visual proof of work/completion for tasks, how to approach?

Hi all, I’ve gotten into the taking short screen recordings and annotated screenshots to act as a visual aid and forcing function to consider tasks complete (screenshots or it’s not done)

I wanted to create a dedicated media/url field but it looks like you’re limited to one Files field in entities. This has led me to consider a few alternatives

  1. Add the screenshot/video to files and add a tag to the task indicating that it has proof of work (I guess if it’s marked done, maybe it’s just assumed that it has a file)
  2. Add it inline with the document
  3. Create a database specifically for Proof of Work that’s linked to tasks

The thing that’s leading me to consider a separate database is that it doesn’t look like it you can create views/filters around the files. “Filter for tasks with proof of work field”

Anything I’m overlooking or overcomplicating with this approach?

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Fibery could benefit from both a new “single media” type field, and as you mention, the possibility to have multiple “Files” type collection fields.

These would be especially useful if you could drag-drop a file onto such a field in your browser – and/or paste there from your system clipboard – to upload.

This should be a Feature Request.