Vacation app feedback

Hi - installed the vacation app to check it out. A couple of first observations:

  • there’s a field where it looks like you can select or enter a slack message, but, you can’t add anything to it - what is that?
  • the icons on the types don’t show up too well in the timeline view, and apparently you cannot edit them?
  • it would be good if you could enter a list of company holidays somewhere, so there could be a comprehensive view of not only PTO days off but, gov’t days off

Also, a couple more things come to mind, though I am sure team Fibery knows it:

  • it’s the same thing with the “name” field as making a custom app and not needing that: it’s just in the way and not needed in this case, I think. “Comments” makes sense, but you can’t rename “name”.
  • the edit form is comically unbalanced, because the stuff on the left doesn’t exist, so there’s a 75% col just sitting there. New users form impressions about stuff like that, even after it has been fixed. “Oh and the edit form looks terrible” from the one experience.