Users are not getting emails when someone mentioned them or assigned ticket to them

Open any story or bug.

  1. Mention someone or assign a ticket to someone.

The user will not receive the notification email.

Thank you for the reporting! We’ll check it asap

We can’t reproduce the problem so far. Can you send your account name privately?

How can I do that privately? I don’t see a way to send a DM here.
Can you please contact me by email?

To send a DM, click on a user’s name and choose Message :slight_smile:

From what I’ve checked there is no user on your account, for which Email notifications is enabled.
It should be enabled here:


Well, it looks like by default it’s always off. We didn’t change those settings.
As a user I’d expect email notifications to be ON by default.

Also does this setting turns on email notifications for all users in a workspace or every user will need to go there and manually turn it on?

Everyone has to turn email notifications on his own.
Sorry for the confusion :frowning: