Use automations to manage entity access

I like to know if either option A or option B is on the roadmap?

I’m not sure what is being asked. Are you conflating database access with entity permissions?
Can you explain an example of what you would like to happen (setting aside ideas about how it could be done).

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My two cents - I think it could be useful if automations had the ability to set/adjust permissions in general.

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What are the use cases you can think of?
It might be that existing (or planned) mechanisms could address them

That’s an interesting idea!

We auto create tasks, examples:

  • Create task to fix birthday present x days before a contact’s birthday
  • Create onboarding tasks when client A bought product B

Those tasks are auto assigned to the team member that needs to do the task. Would be great if we can give auto access to the contact.

So that the team member has access to the contact data if they need to perform a task for that contact. But not have access to the whole contact database (since it’s not necessary to perform the task).

Other use case:

  • If a document (SOP) is linked to a task
  • Then give auto access to that linked document

When auto access based on assignee/other relation with user database is released you could also achieve this by simply assigning the team member to a contact/document/etc. but that would require a bunch of extra relations.

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So you would be looking to grant access for a user in situations where there is no relationship (direct or indirect) between the entity and the user?

Why do you feel that ‘a bunch of extra relations’ would be required? If a user is already being assigned to a task, then the relation already exists, right?

For this use case:

it sounds like it would be possible when access templates can be auto-granted based on a user relation, i.e. an access template (which gives read access to SOPs linked to a task) is automatically granted to anyone who is assigned to the task.

Yes indeed.

There is a relation between task (user = assignee). But not with the contact → that entity doesn’t have the assignee field.

So I was thinking of adding the assignee field in those entities as well. Then you could simply assign the user to the task + to the linked contact / document / etc. to grant access.

But this would be a way better solution!