Usability issues in Docs (rich text): CTRL-A handling and line breaks in Paragraphs prohibit entity creation

One of the things that sets fibery apart from its competitors is its powerful Docs integration which I find to be far superior to other options.

A challenge I’m having is that I’m accustomed to selecting CTRL-A on PC and starting the “select all” at a smaller level than the entire document. Examples include:

  • Select word
  • Select list item in a numbered/bulleted list.
  • Select paragraph

etc, etc.

A big part of this is efficiency but even more: using the keyboard as opposed to the mouse. I try to use the keyboard for everything whenever possible.

This kind of ties into my second point, too.

For the second and related issue I reference this page: Improvement to inline entity creation in Rich Text (Cmd/Ctrl+E) - Ideas & Features - Fibery Community written by Summary - Matt_Blais - Fibery Community.

A very heavy-duty use case for me and my teams is getting reference materials and creating docs. The ability to make those docs live and dynamic (e.g. SOPs) is beautiful. And when doing so in a doc environment we’ll select sections or multiple paragraphs or the like to be put elsewhere, or, in the case of fibery, ideally, to become entities.

Simply select and create an entity. That’s amazing and so much power. However, whenever there’s a line break or paragraph mark you cannot create an entity. I understand various workarounds for VIEWING, however, it’s the document writing, creating, and collaboration that is hampered by this issue.

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