Fast way to create task-entities


is there a faster way to create linked entities than selecting the text, clicking “create entity”, searching for the type and CMD+enter?

especially for creating tasks.
i usually have meetings and afterwards i want to make tasks out of my notes. or i import documents from obsidian and there are a lot of tasks in them.

this is aweful time consuming at the moment. any workaround? a hidden feature to create a new entity in a predefined db?

in obsidian every checkbox line is a task that can be found. that is so amazing. no extra work to be done. any way of “mimicking” this behavior?


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awesome would be some kind of self-defined shortcut to turn a selected text into a pre defined entity.

i was thinking about making a macro with bettertouchtool, but that’s not really a solution as it still is super slow (it just does the steps automatic … but still step by step)

If you have a usual list in text, you can select it and many tasks will be created from the list right away

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that’s a great thing i did not realize. but most of the times in my case these items are in context. that’s the main benefit of doing tasks in documents. to keep them in context. so there is no list most of the times because they are spread throughout the doc. sometimes it’s also linking that is more suitable. then even the predefined shortcut is not working as it is the same as the browsers “jump to address bar”

already helping would be if changing the default “document” to another self defined type. or give the option to rearrange manually the menu.

but in general: a keyboard setting to define hotkeys for actions that can be user adjusted would be amazing. a productivity tool should be mostly accessible per keyboard and less by mouse in my view anyway :slight_smile:

What do you mean by this?
At the moment, it is possible to convert a document to an entity of a given type:

i´ve meant the default that is always “document” in this menu. setting this to another “favorite” or rearranging how this menu gets filled. … not converting an entity. … so setting the “common”

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I would really really like this too! The way Tana does it would be my preference (type name of the entity, then hashtag and whatever the type is), although I know hashtag is used in fibery for other things, so maybe a different shortcut?


Reducing clicks for entity creation is our dire need too. This is not only about task-entities, but any entity in any place. But let’s brainstorm a bit about the inline task creation.:

Using scripts to change rich text

I thought about creating a script that checks a rich text field for a higlight of a particular color, fetch the highlighted text, uses that as the title of a task is creates, and inserts HTML that corresponds with an inline entity reference to that entity. In that case, only choosing a particular color highlight will trigger that script to create a task out of it, saving many clicks.

Another way to approach this is to create some ‘tokens’ which triggers a script to coverts the whole sentence into an entity reference, such as ‘$T’

On the other hand, there is currently development going on around references 2.0 which may improve things, and its probably a good idea to post the request for a ‘single click entity create’ sub-feature in that feature topic:

There is two workflows. Creating new entities while typing with # is great and fast. It should add the possibility to quickly add the type by ## or some other easy to type symbol.

Second is when selecting existent text to concert into an entity. And in that case usually it’s only a fraction of all the types available that get used a lot. So having a “favorite” section on top that can be rearranged and selected fast would be awesome. So: select text. Cmd+shift+e. Downarrow, cmd+enter would select the second type in the list if I could put my second fav there. But now I have to type “task” every time because it’s somewhe on the bottom. And doing this twenty times in a row for a meeting note is a lot. I will get BTT setup for now. And connect the whole workflow to a single cmd. Will report back


+1 for this - for two reason: (1) my team constantly picks document because it’s first - I don’t want documents! (2) customization here would be great - too much scrolling required. I have already gone through process of changing spaces names so that the less important ones start closer to Z so they don’t appear toward the top, but still. I only use 3 different things 90% of the time: yet have to scroll for them and all others 100% of the time.