Usability improvements to the Whiteboard view

As a heavy Miro user, I’m not expecting Fibery’s whiteboard to match the level of polish Miro has, but there are 3 “little” pain points / bugs in using the whiteboard today that I find make the experience a lot more unpleasant that it could be.

These are :

  • Cmd + Z or Ctrl + Z to cancel the last action doesn’t work. I think it’s a bug, I only tested on my macbook Pro on Chrome (latest public version) but it’s weird
  • When copying an element in the board, you have to first click elsewhere to lose the focus before pasting ; this is very annoying, the new element should appear next to your cursor when you paste even if you have not lost the previous focus.
  • When pasting one or multiple elements, those do not have automatically the focus making them a pain to move them. The use case is simple, you want to duplicate a bunch of things, you copy then paste, then you have manually reselect them to move them elsewhere. Very annoying too :slight_smile:

Hope those are not too complex to implement !


Hi Simon,
thank you for reporting this.
Could you please provide more info about cmd+Z (Undo)? It should work. When do you use it without success?
All other things I think we will fix soon.

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Well, in every context in doesn’t work.
Whether I change a text, move an object, change a post-it color, pressing Cmd+Z (on my mac) does absolutely nothing. In fact, it seems that the browser (Chrome) is catching the event because the “Edit” menus is flashing briefly (Cmd+Z being of course the usual shortcut for undo , system wise) ; but Fibery doesn’t.

It is not the only shortcut that does not work : M (mini-map) and G (grid) don’t work either (or at least I can’t see their effect).
Other shortcuts DO work such as L, N, S, I…, and copy and pasting also works.

If I can provide more information let me know !

Another UX annoyance to add to the list : when you use the Cmd+D to duplicate an item, the copy appears exactly on the top of the original one, which makes the duplication invisible to the user until you try moving it around. A good practice would be to offset slightly the duplicate by a few pixels to the right and bottom :slight_smile:

I can confirm the bugs. Tested on mac with chrome / safari

We made some fixes with latest version:

  1. Improved “Duplicate” - added offset to duplicated items and switched selection to them
  2. Improved “Copy-Past” - selection is switched to pasted items. You don’t need to click anywhere more before past.
  3. I believe we fixed some cases for Non-working ‘Undo’.

thank you for helping!

Hello !
I spotted the changes, nice !

Though I can say that the Undo still does not work, neither do the “G” and “M” shortcuts.
Maybe I’m the only one with a specific edge case? Using chrome , MacOS

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