Unable to drag drop folders in each other

It appears folders cannot be drag-dropped into each other?
The left menu sidebar quickly gets cluttered with many views, and folders are the only way to manage them, but that requires manual organization of the sidebar.
The sidebar definately requires better tools to organize and sort items automatically, but at least being able to drag drop nested folders is a must.


I suggest that this is a feature request, rather than a bug, but maybe that’s semantics

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Although its a UX tension I exped that the menu sidebar is likely planned to be revamped seen the many requests about it…so I’ve set this to feature request.

But the main problem I think is that views dont have fields to help organize them. Ideally views become entities In order to workaround their management problems.
In the meantime I have created a database ‘View’ that has a URL field linked to one view. This allows good organization but requires manual adding of the view URL.

Hm, I have no difficulties to dnd Folders in each other if they belong to one Space.

Please try to place one in the hand over Folder title to which you want it to get into or place folder more to the right such that its left most edge is on the same level as inner items.

Screen Recording 2024-02-13 at 12.28.44

That is very strange…
I have tested it now with Chrome, Firefox and Edge, still can’t drag drop folders anywhere, not in the same space or other spaces or away from their position.
I also created a complete new fibery test workspace, still not possible.

Can anyone else confirm this issue?

Turning this into a Support Request, since I’m stuck trying to organize the left menu column with many views in many folders. I indeed remember that I was able to move the folders around, but at some point it did not work any more.

We have a bug that will be fixed (this week we hope, maybe next)

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Should be fixed already