Cannot move Smart Folder to a different Space

In the Left Menu I cannot drag a Smart Folder to a different Space. I need to do this for Permissions reasons.

You might think it should be easy to just re-create a Smart Folder elsewhere, but this one has many complex views within it, and those would all have to be individually recreated as well.

Also, there is no option to Duplicate a Smart Folder, which could be quite useful for similar reasons.

Thanks, noted both requests!

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Apparently I also cannot drag a regular folder (with all views) to a different space.

Especially while developing a Workspace, new Spaces may get created, deleted and changed a lot, as I figure out the best way to structure the Workspace. The only way to organize the Left Menu is with Spaces! :frowning:

E.g. I have a folder containing many views, but I cannot move this folder to a different Space - I have to manually move each view to a different the folder. :roll_eyes: