Can't move a Smart Folder to a different Space

I Can’t drag/move a Smart Folder to a different Space.

I have a heavily-developed Smart Folder with many complex views, and now I am rearranging the Workspace, and the Smart Folder must exist in a different Space.

That is a huge amount of wasted time if I have to re-create all those views from scratch. :cry: And then fear that it will happen again.

I would also really like to be able to duplicate a Smart Folder (and also move it somewhere else).

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Smart folders are indeed configured ‘per Space’ for technical reasons, which does currently mean that they can’t be drag’n’dropped between spaces.
If you recreate a smart folder in the same space (with the same levels) then the context views will be the same, so actually, duplication within the same space, is not too painful, but I imagine it’s not helpful to duplicate if you can’t then relocate :-/

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Can I merge with this:


Senility strikes again - Yes please merge - or just close this one which does not really add anything to my previous nearly-identical post. :crazy_face:

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