Tooltip popup for inline entity reference (e.g. for support pages)

We often don’t want (users to) to navigate or open new panel, to prevent unnecessary distractions, whilst allowing additional information to be available from related entities. The most unintrusive solution has been known for long: tooltips, which popup by hovering over a tiny label such as a triangle in the corner of a field or inline reference.

Here is a mockup, which shows the Support Page, which should not be necessary to display when there is a tooltip that shows the first x characters of the content.

Another way to implement this, is to have an ajax call inject the content under the inline entity link by expanding it, so that the rest of the content under it is pushed down.

This is a great idea :grinning:

How to define what content gets surfaced in the “preview” of an entity?

Perhaps every DB can have a new option that defines which Field will contain the “preview” content for each entity.


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It is already possible to choose which fields are shown when an entity is mentioned (click on the DB abbreviation icon of the mention).
Unfortunately, rich text fields are not supported yet, but I can imagine that if they were, then the behaviour might well be similar to what’s proposed here.


Awesome idea!

Yes indeed!