Show truncated field values when hovering

In all views: for fields that are only partially visible, please show the entire field value when hovering over the field.

Example: in Table View collections, you get situations like this, with no way to see the individual entity names:

This is useless, but if we could hover over those entity references and see their names revealed, that would be useful. Then it would also make sense to allow ALT-clicking those entities (which is not allowed now).

Clicking (or ALT-clicking) one of these compressed collections resulting in a list that is the same width as the column:

Those entities all have different names, but because they start the same, they are indistinguishable. If that list was allowed to be wider than the column, this problem would also be solved.

When zoomed-out in a Timeline view, you can’t see any entity details at all:


Hover-info would be very useful here too.