Issue: Hover-over options cover displayed field within entity

Small inconvenience, best described with a screenshot:

It’s great that I can edit fields within entity view, but when hovering over the (in my case) date field, the options that come up cause a minor inconvenience forcing me to aim at the very left free corner of said field.


We know about this issue, and we’re working on improvements. Will update when we fix it.


Oh wow - I just mentioned this at the very end of my feature request about “grid” or “gallery” view for feeds. I have the same problem - I can’t update Open to Done because the hover thingie obscures it.

My kludgy fix is to make an extra field visible, which bumps the status field to the left a little so that I can access it.

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Great, thanks!

@ellemef Same, that fixes the problem for me.