[TO FIX] Regression, bug, or unexpected behaviour in relation search

Have the search result behaviour changed, or have I been lucky with what I have been using so far?

The left entity is a parent with children that I select on the right.
20x30 - Fotopapir is child of Forstørrelser.
20x30 - {letter} is a child of a different parent, but shows above 20x30 - Fotopapir.

Previously (IIRC) I would only get items that were child of the parent listed. Now I get all.

That’s not so bad in of itself, but I would previously be very effective in picking my child as it would be the only matching result, so no need to traverse list or continue to writing out the rest for exact match.

The children of the parent should at least come first, then other matches.

Relationship setup of the Type that hold these relations: