Allow filtering & sorting when linking "to many" related entities

It drives me crazy that the interface to create/link entities is different depending on if it’s a “to one” or “to many” relation.

Maybe there’s a technical reason, but otherwise there’s no reason to not have the same filtering/sorting options for any relationship fields.

On this page about relation/context filters, it says:

The filters also do not apply when you link an Entity via a search popup:
This popup shows recent items by default instead.
As usual, if this doesn’t fit your workflow, please let us know via Intercom.

So please consider this my request to have them treated the same and have the filter/sort options added for “to many” relationship fields.

Yep, the ‘picker’ mechanism for to-many and to-one relations are different

Does the different mechanism make adding filtering impossible? Just want to know if this is ultimately a wasted vote or if its something that might be achieved some day.

It’s little inconsistencies like this in Fibery that add a lot of frustration and confusion for our users, but I understand there’s technical challenges that we’re largely ignorant of.

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No, not necessarily.

It’s a feature in our backlog, so definitely not a wasted vote.

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