Timer in automation

@Chr1sG Thank you so much for your help! :handshake:

Could you give me a working line of code (just in case) - just a 10 second timer?
I’ve tried several options - nothing works.

setTimeout (10000);
await sleep(10000);

Automations don’t have support for adding a delay.
Perhaps you can give us an idea of what you’re trying to achieve (overall) and we can figure a way to do it.

Wait until all fields are filled out, this takes about 10 seconds.

Although I guess if I add all the fields here, that would work too:

If there’s another case, I’ll post it here. That’s all I have so far.

You could indeed just add filters for all the fields that need to be not empty before the automation should run.

BTW, is it taking 10 seconds because of some external interaction? Because that does seem rather long if it’s just Fibery activities (e.g. formula calculation, automation runs)

I just had a little extra, just in case. yes, it’s Fibery activities

Hey @Chr1sG !

here’s an example where a timer would be useful
“Тариф1” field is calculated and takes first value (it is (30.0000) the value from Lookup, from the first parameter - which should not be displayed at all), then the second ( 20.000 the value from Lookup, from 1+2 together parameter - the correct value ):

Here’s the automation itself

As a result, 30 is put in the “Error” field, which is incorrect. It should be 20.

And here are the Lookup conditions:

after the 1 condition, the system outputs - 30.0000, which is incorrect
after the 2 condition the system gives - 20.0000 which is correct

I’m afraid I don’t understand quite what is going on.
Where does Тариф1 come from (and why does it change value)?

What is the purpose of having an automation that copies the value from Тариф1 to Error?

What you are calling a ‘lookup’ seems to be an auto-relation with two matching criteria.
How do you get Тариф1 from this relation?
What is the thinking behind the auto-linking?

Everyone pays utilities. The tariff for utilities changes.
This is another table where the tariffs are listed, with the current tariffs checked.


In this way I store in the table the actual tariff for the current filling time.

I realized, unfortunately I can’t explain the connections and the meaning.
I eventually redid the logic and simplified everything. It works correctly now.
Thank you so much for your answers and help! :handshake:

Sometimes just discussing the problem can help clarify how things can be improved/solved, so I’m just happy it’s resolved :+1:

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