Add a "Delay" action to automations

Was surprised to not see a feature request for this already as it’s something I use constantly in other tools (Hubspot, is the major one) and it would come in very handy in Fibery!

One use case is waiting for a few minutes for a formula on an entity to calculate before using that value to filter the next step.

Another use case would be to delay an action from happening that was triggered by accident. i.e. Email the client a release summary when state = “Done”, but wait 5 minutes to make sure the state is still “Done” in case it was originally changed in error. Similar to how in Gmail you can set a small period of time between when you press “Send” and when the email actually gets sent, in case you change your mind or notice a typo. :slight_smile:

Would like to be able to set a pre-defined delay on certain actions, or be able to delay the next step of an automation until a dynamic date/time field.

Delay For Set Amount Of Time
[Number] of [Units Of Time] (minutes/hours/days/weeks/months)


Delay Until Specific Date/Time
[Date] and [Time] or [DateTime]

Most powerful would be combining the two, but I imagine at that point it becomes less of a “Delay” and more of an improved “On Schedule” automation trigger.

[Number] of [Minutes/Hours/Days/Weeks/Months] before [Date] and [Time] Fields
[Number] of [Minutes/Hours/Days/Weeks/Months] after [Date] and [Time] Fields

I have also created various clumsy workarounds to address similar needs.

If your required delay can be imprecise and can afford to wait an hour or more, you can leverage a time-based Fibery Rule that runs hourly.

Another approach is to trigger an external tool like or via http, which can send back a separate https request after some delay.