Time zone displacement out of range - Report


I’m getting an error when trying to create a report based on a data set of devices (7000+ rows). I know this did not happen previously, but I’m not sure exactly when it started.

The dataset has the following date fields:
Purchase Date (without Time or start/end dates)
Service Expiry Date (without Time or start/end dates)
Legacy - Billable from (without Tme or start/end dates)
As well as the normal Created and Changed dates.

Our local timezone is GMT+1.

Any known issues that could cause this? Could this be related to the leap day recently?

Hi, Daniel!
We have an assumption, that it can be that one of the records from your data set has the wrong date, either too big or too small.
Can that be the case? :eyes:

Could be, how would I go about checking that? It’s 7000+ rows so would rather not do it manually :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve quickly scanned through using a CSV export, and the latest date I can find is 2029-04-30. And the earliest is 2013-12-03. I can’t seem to find any wrongly formatted dates.
I could remove some sensitive columns and send over a copy of the data?

Finally found the date that was wrong. Seems like it was removed from the CSV export at first as an error during formatting somehow, so didn’t find it until I managed to narrow it down more. All good.

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