Date Time Range and UTC Calculation Issues

Hi everyone, apologies in advance if this issue has be covered. I did a bit of searching first and I was unable to find any info on it.

I was messing around with and adding some of my own tweaks when I noticed that the time duration calculation for a date time range will calculate incorrectly if the selected date is the same as today. This issue also seems to affect the time zone conversion for formulas and automations. This is pretty easy to work around by adding an If(Day(Date) = Day(Today()), but it doesn’t seem like it should be working this way.

Calculation Error:

UTC Offset Error:
For context the “Tomorrow” column is calculated as Today() + Days(1) to show that the issue seems to be with Dates set to Today()

Is it possible that the problem is due to daylight saving time?

Unfortunately, there are 13 hours between midnight and 12noon on 6th November 2022 for most of USA and Canada (!)


Forehead Slap Haha thanks @Chr1sG, of course I would be messing with time duration calculations on the only day that there would be issues. Sorry about that!

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