Rules are not being run on the schedule

I noticed that I have a scheduled rule which suppose to run every day. However, it doesn’t there is no logs indicating the reason why - it just doesn’t run:

Worspace: reify-academy

I think there are some caching issues with using Today() function.
Here is example that I’m investigating:

  1. Schedule setup:

    Suppose to filter only habits which are repeating today and create tracker for each of those habits.
  2. Here is the log:

As you can notice in the log it created trackers for previous day even so in the rule I specify to use today.

@Oleg @ChrisG Any idea is this a bug or I’m holding it wrong?

It’s blocking us from releasing public template for habit tracking.

First of all big thanks for providing so many details.
It’s a timezone issue. Unfortunately Fibery does not support user-defined timezones at the moment. See this guide . | Fibery.
Today() function returns date in UTC timezone. Probably your local timezone is much more ahead, that’s why Today() return previous date for you.

We can fix it for your particular workspace, by adding time difference between UTC and your timezone to the formula in action.
In filters it’s a bit harder, as we don’t allow formulas there at the moment. But knowing the logic behind ‘Next Repeat For Occurence’ – I think it is also possible to find a workaround.

But you told that you are planning to distribute a solution via template. And it’s harder to give a good-working advice, as target workspaces may live in whatever timezones.

It seems you need to run your schedule rule on such time, when there is the same day in UTC timezone and your timezone. Otherwise Today() function will return different day for you. Note that when you choose time of rule run, it’s chosen in your local(browser) timezone.