"This Week" system calendar duration?

Hi, I’ve run across this several times. Is there a “This Week” system time/date value? I’m setting colors by due date in a board view and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. There seems to be “last week” and “next week” but no “this week”. I’m trying to set sorting triage according to due date. I looked under the Filter menu and there seems to be no “This Week” there either. Seems like a pretty big gap.

Also does Fibery consider weeks calendar weeks or is it just last 7/next 7? Saying “weeks” usually means calendar weeks, otherwise it should really say ‘7 days’. And if it’s weeks, does it factor weekend days into last week/next week? It would seem like a pretty big omission as I’m sure tons of time estimate/roadmap date trigger functions (including some of mine) would get thrown off if including non-working days…

I guess what I’m saying is weekly time boxing is a completely universal and very essential aspect of work, and formulas are used all over the place to estimate/manipulate effort estimates and due dates, so if durations in the system (whether via UI or formula functions) don’t honor the realities of universal time boxing (i.e calendar weeks with non-working days) then the outputs of many date-related things will be off all over the place.

But even if Fibery can’t honor non-working days, just having a calendar “this week” would be huge.

These options are available when choosing a date filter ‘is within’ i.e.
‘is within the last week’ or ‘is within the next week’.
To me, it’s fairly clear that this means within the last/next 7 days, but I guess it could be reworded as such.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything ‘universal’ about time boxing. Or rather, different users may not agree on when a week starts (sunday? monday?) or even what the working days are, so at the moment Fibery takes the easy option and doesn’t have an opinion :wink:

In due course, there will come improvements to date handling, it’s just not high enough priority to supersede other work in progress.

In the meantime, the only solution for determining if a date is ‘this week’ is to use a formula, I’m afraid. Sorry.

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Got it, and yes anything related to ‘week’ proper time boxing would have to allow users to set their weekends, which I’m sure could introduce serious compute costs platform-wide if used much in formulas. Although setting custom weekends just as static UI elements (either at account-level or timeline-level) I think should be included anyways for a number of reasons (I work heavily with some Israeli companies - Fri+Sat weekend, which is also many Muslim countries, and other countries only have a 1-day weekend).

I think for the ‘week’ semantics, it feels like it should be +/- 7. A week of course can be defined as +/- 7 or a calendar week, but ‘week’ in a work planning context in most cases is referring to the calendar definition. If I’m correct, I think this is common across SaaS in most cases and any +/- 7 day window just says next 7 / previous 7. Thanks for the detailed response though, you guys are doing an amazing job :grin: :raised_hands:

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