State field position info

Referring to this page:

It would help if the state field gives also a .max .position value.

Then a more precise calculation would be possible.

This is an old page - formulas now support all data types.
Formulas are best understood through the User Guide.
With this in mind, can you explain what you mean by

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The help page I just mentioned as exactly a progress for a formular was used. Let me show a fictional example of what would be nice:

progress = State.Position() / State.Max()

In your example, what is State?
Is it the standard Fibery Workflow field?
If so, do you mean that for the following example
State.Position = 1 if state is Open
State.Position = 2 if state is In Progress
State.Position = 3 if state is Done
and State.Max() = 3