Number Field Expression Evaluation

It would be awesome if the number fields could accept and evaluate basic math expressions, like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Parenthesis, etc. It wouldn’t need much to be REALLY useful.

I assume you already know about formula fields and what you are asking is being able to enter a mathematical expression in the number field and have it evaluated into a number to be stored into the field, sort of like what happens in an spreadsheet cell.

I think this is a really interesting idea. For text input, I think a pattern like a spreadsheet that starts with “=” might be the most intuitive. I was also thinking that a simple calculator widget that pops-up might also be a way of doing the calculations (seeing the results as you go) and then storing the final value. This method might eliminate/reduce invalid inputs.

The next question is if the expression is going to be retained. I think there is some value to seeing how the number was arrived at but I imagine that would be a level of complexity that fibery would not support.