Space template name is not used when creating a space from it

Instead, the name of the Space at the time of the last update of the template is used.

I intentionally named the Space differently from the Template to avoid the following error but every time I update the template, the template name is not used.


The ‘Template Name’ in the sharing dialog does not determine the name of the new space when it is installed. That name is taken from whatever the actual space name is.
It’s a bit confusing, but you could actually use ‘Smoran’s awesome new widget’ as the ‘Template name’ in the dialog, and the space that is created in the destination workspace would still be named ‘Newcomer (Template)’

Indeed, that’s what I observed. That’s why I identified this behaviour as a bug :smile:

I use this Space template in the same workspace. It means that I need to change the name of the Space before updating the template and rename it again after so that I don’t get a conflict error at installation time…

What’s the purpose of the “Template Name”?

Well, since the mechanism for sharing a single space is the same as for sharing multiple spaces, the ‘Template name’ is simply that: the name of the template :wink:

The name(s) of any space(s) in the template will be whatever the name(s) of the shared space(s) was/were at the time the template was last updated.

But I get that this is not immediately obvious :confused:

OK, I get it now… As I don’t see where this “Template Name” is used and I’m only templating 1 space, I was expecting it to be used as the target Space initial name :sweat_smile:

So I guess what I want is more a Feature request: “Be able to specify a name for the target Space different from the original one” Or “Space creation from a Template does not fail if a Space with the same name exist, create it with (1) instead”

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It’s used in the name of the sharing URL, and if you embed the URL somewhere, it will show up in the preview:

but it isn’t obvious that it won’t be used for the space name when only sharing one space.
We’ll take your feedback on board, thx.

OK, I understand – thanks for the help.