Something is causing a 502 error

When making API calls in Integromat I sometimes get this error.


[502] An invalid response was received from the upstream server

I was getting 502 when trying to #mention entities in Fibery earlier today or yesterday for a little bit. Wonder if related. How long has it been happening for you? You might try again if it was just happening in a particular time period recently, it may have been temporary.

My scenarios stall maybe once a month due to this error. I have an error handler for most modules but I wait until I receive the error to add it to a new one just to keep tabs on the problem.

I first started importing thousands of records a month into Fibery this January and have gotten this error ever since. I know you’ll get this error if trying to send too many/too bulky of a command to the batch endpoints in the original API. But I got the error when using Integromat module which only sends one request at a time.