[Solved: Experimental Feature toggle] Opening multiple entities doesn't stack all open ones on the right side of the panel anymore

When entities are listed in a table but not in a list then opening them will overwrite the one displayed on the right side instead of stacking them like in a list.

EDIT: Solved: It’s due to the experimental feature “Auto close right Panels” being enabled.

Can you explain a bit more. Not sure I understand.

There was a recent change where right-hand panels are closed rather than minimised when a new right panel is opened, but this happens no matter where you open the new entity from.

I mean that you can open entities in multiple panels that stack in the panel on the right side. Like if you have a ticket linked in another one and open it it will not completely close the already open one in the right panel but stack it to the right side to quickly switch through them.

I also tested this a bit more and it seems to be broken everywhere? I just noticed it in tables first but apparently this is also not working anymore when opening stuff from lists or even links directly?

Ok, I found the cause for this: The experimental feature “Auto close right Panels” was for some reason enabled now? I assume that’s some test from your side because I definitely did not enable that myself.

We rolled out the new functionality, to gather feedback, but with the option to disable if you really hated it(!)
Sorry for not making it clear.