Strange panel behavior: opening board view rows from a to-many block

Strange panel behavior when opening a ‘Rows’ entity in a to-many block board view.

  1. I have a board view with my projects (from left panel).
  2. I open a project entity from the board view.
  3. I close the original board view so that the project entity is now full screen.
  4. In the project entity, there is a tasks to-many block with rows of phases. If I open one of these rows (phases), the project closes and the original board view reopens on the left.

(1) AA > (2) AB > (3) BB > (4) AC
In the above logic, A was completely closed out, it should not reopen. Let me know if you need a video.

Confirm that as a bug :pray:
And how do you open phases? From the context menu, or by clicking a card, or another way?

From the context menu on the board row. See screenshot below.


Based on your comment, I tried alt-clicking the board row and that works as expected! I’ll tell people to use that in the mean time until the context menu method is resolved. Thanks.

Interestingly, when a row is alt-clicked in a timeline view, this same behavior occurs. Where the current view closes and a previously closed view opens on the left.
(1) AA > (2) AB > (3) BB > (4) AC

So to summarize, bugs when opening rows in views:

  • Board view rows - alt-click :heavy_check_mark: | context menu :heavy_multiplication_x:
  • Timeline rows - alt-click :heavy_multiplication_x: | context menu (no option)